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Flat Rate Billing for Most Matters and No Charges for Copies or Mail!

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I am well aware that many clients do not like and often do not understand the traditional billing practices of attorneys, so I have tried to break away from that model entirely. For example, I don't bill for copies or mailing costs or travel expenses or short phone calls. More importantly, I prefer to bill for most of my work on a flat rate if at all possible. Although some of my matters naturally require billing on an hourly basis, I have found that clients are very receptive to a fixed cost for their legal work. It works much better for me as well because I don't have to waste time meticulously tracking all my hours and entering them in a billing system. After we discuss your matter and I understand the scope of the work, I'll provide a flat rate fee option if I can. For example in estate planning I offer several different flat rate pricing points depending on the complexity involved. For basic organizational work for corporations, LLCs and nonprofits I also provide a turn key flat rate price. If I can't provide a flat fee for your work then I will estimate a range for fees based on hourly charges.

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If I can't provide a flat fee for your work then I will estimate a range for fees based on hourly charges.

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Although I aim to please when it comes to my billing approach, I also expect to be paid promptly. I generally email invoices out as soon as a matter is complete and the invoice balance is due immediately upon receipt. Even better I welcome payments from the client at the time of a final conference such as a Will signing (including credit cards and checks). Where an engagement runs longer than a month I will typically send an interim invoice. In the case of estate planning work this interim invoice will often include the full fee even though the matter is not complete; I have found this is a useful way to help encourage clients to finish up their estate planning where I have basically completed my part of the process.

If you prefer to pay by credit card you can call 919-451-5441 and provide me your:

  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Security Code
  • Billing Zip
  • Name on Card

I can also obtain this information at a conference.

If you prefer to pay by check, no problem. Just mail your payment back to:

J Alan Campbell Law
PO Box 850
Hillsborough, NC 27278