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Through over 25 years of practicing law I have gained considerable experience in a wide range of legal issues and transactions facing businesses of all sizes. My work in this area includes everything from setting up new companies to structuring the sale or purchase of a large established business and quite a bit more in between. I excel particularly where a matter calls for creativity or where there may not be an easy contract template available to document a transaction; this is where my practical approach is most attractive to my clients. If there is an easy way to solve a problem that requires the least amount of time and documentation, that will be my path. I don’t get paid to make things long and complicated. I also have a fairly strong background in corporate and partnership tax which allows me to approach a transaction or an issue with a full understanding of the tax implications; this avoids false starts on a nonviable transaction or the need to associate in tax counsel for special analysis.

Select examples of my work with Business and Transactions include:

  • Organization of Corporations and LLC’s
  • Assisting Businesses with Contracts, Purchase/Sell Transactions
  • Advising Investors in Development Projects
  • Reg D 506 Notice Filings

“I am a big fan of the quick turn around and I strive to provide work product or feedback to clients on a much faster timeline than they would experience with most attorneys.”

My Practice Areas

My principal areas of practice include Wills, Trust and Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Business and Transactions. I also handle certain Commercial Real Estate transactions. For any matters that I don't handle directly, such as Litigation, I have contract and referral arrangements with other attorneys and firms to help service those needs. My goal is to serve as an integral resource for my clients in all of their legal needs. I truly want to be a counselor at law -- not simply a contract attorney limited to a particular niche.

Estate Planning

 I am in the business of helping clients protect their families and preserve their assets. If you have Wills and related documents that you signed years ago, I can review your documents and advise you of how best to update everything

Young Family Estate Planning

If you have minor children or if you are expecting your first child, add a basic Will and related documents to your list of things to do. Your Will allows you to name guardians who will care for your minor children if both you and your spouse are deceased.

Estate Administration

When family and friends are faced with the death of a loved one, the prospect of dealing with an estate administration can be overwhelming. I help clients work through the entire process including court filings, tax filings and transfer of assets.

Business & Transactions

Approximately half of my practice is centered around work with businesses. Through over 16 years of work in a mid-sized law firm I gained considerable experience in a wide range of legal issues and transactions facing businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Real Estate

I have plenty of experience dealing with commercial loans and related transactions. I can assist clients in buying or selling or refinancing commercial real estate, investing in a development project, preparation and review of leases and many other transactions

Litigation & Disputes

If you are unfortunate enough to have been served with a lawsuit, then I can help you understand the basic issues and what you need to do to respond and I can  recommend someone to assist you.

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