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No More of the Old Cliches.

J Alan Campbell Law is a new approach to the practice of law. Over my career, I've heard all the old cliches about attorneys and I have observed many areas of the business that need a fresh approach. For example, technology is ever-present in our lives, yet the legal industry lags far behind in harnessing its power and efficiencies. My purpose is to cut through all the old pomp and circumstance of dealing with an attorney and just get things done.

My principal areas of practice include Wills, Trust and Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Business and Transactions. I also handle certain Commercial Real Estate transactions. For any matters that I don't handle directly, such as Litigation, I have contract and referral arrangements with other attorneys and firms to help service those needs. My goal is to serve as an integral resource for my clients in all of their legal needs. I truly want to be a counselor at law -- not simply a contract attorney limited to a particular niche.

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Business Philosophy

  • Why use three words when one will do? I try my best to make documents more readable and cut out the old legal jargon where possible.
  • In estate planning I am a good cure for procrastinators – I will push the matter along and make sure clients get some documents in place.
  • Flat rate billing opens up communication with clients since they know they can call or email anytime without starting the clock.
  • I am a big fan of the quick turn around and I strive to provide work product or feedback to clients on a much faster timeline than they would experience with most attorneys.
  • If there is an easy way to solve a problem that requires the least amount of time and documentation, that will be my path. I don't get paid to make things long and complicated.

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